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Mini spa – a cure for imbalance.

April 26, 2011

I was thinking recently of my life like a mobile.  The kind that baby nurseries have that have six arms, with something dangling off of each arm.  If the dangling items aren’t of an equivalent weight, then the mobile is off kilter. Unbalanced.  Dysfunctional.

I began to imagine the areas I would put on my mobile.  The different parts of me: spirit, emotional self, physical self, mother, wife, career-business self, home manager, social creature.  And immediately I began to visualize my mobile being way, way unbalanced.  The mother arm weighs the most, with a whole baby hanging on that one.  Because of the business venture I am about to embark on, the career self is also hanging heavy.  The wife and home manager roles are smaller, but not by too much.  But the other items, the ones that are about the care and maintenance of my body, my mind, my spirit and my emotional health… Those I can barely find.  They are tiny pebbles just swinging wildly, governed by the weight of the other arms.  I can see it in my mind: a mobile that is almost vertical because the weight on one side so outstrips the weight on the other.  I know this is not good.

I haven’t even been giving much thought to my needs, and I know this is a common new-mom problem.  Add to that the intensity of trying to start a business, and the time left over for me is running in the red.  So today I decided to do what I could to address that.  When the kid went down for a mid-day nap, I had a mini-spa. 

I think a lot of times we get hung up thinking we have to do it all or nothing, and that comes to taking care of ourselves, too.  I didn’t have time for a bath filled with rose petals, or a professional massage, or steamed towels, or any of the stuff that would have been so, so nice.  But I did have time for a little self-love and attention to my own needs.  So rather than bemoaning what I didn’t have time for, I made time for what I did: a quiet shower, relaxing music, a deliciously scented candle, and a skin-pampering routine.

I used my body brush (this is my absolute favorite self-care item ever) to gently scrub my dry skin, always towards the heart.  It removes dead skin and increases circulation – both very rejuvenating.  I used a foot file to get the dead skin off my feet, and then I rinsed myself off in a cool shower, to be gentle to my newly scrubbed skin.  I got out, toweled off, and then slathered myself from head to toe (ok, from neck to toe, to be precise) with Hempz Cucumber Jasmine lotion (a birthday gift).  All while listening to my girl, Norah.

I took my time, made sure to get every inch of my skin, sang along with the music, and just relaxed and enjoyed some me time.  Ah, the joy of a little me time.  The added benefit of feeling virtuous for using all eco-friendly tools (right down to my soy candle) just was icing on the cake.

Then the baby woke up, I moved the laundry over, and life went back to normal.  But for a small window of time today, my focus was just on my needs.  I can see the mobile hanging slightly more in balance.  My focus for the next week is really going to be to do what I can to find a rhythm that will help bring me balance.  Wish me luck.

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