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No Shame: Day 1

August 1, 2011

I am excited about this project.  Way excited.  Too excited for it to be reasonable, in fact.  My friend and cousin, in collaboration with others unknown to me, created a 30 day challenge to combat shame and promote self-love: No Shame: Be You – 30 Days of Shamelessness.  Though I wish I didn’t need encouragement to be myself and be cool with that, I do.  Also, never one to turn down a good quest, I embrace this new opportunity to expose dim corners of myself to the light.  To open doors and pull back curtains and proclaim (perhaps loudly, perhaps in a whisper) pieces of myself that I sometimes prefer not to own.  Some look to be serious, some silly, but all have one good goal: to let you be shamelessly you.

Day One: Declare your love for an uncool TV show.
This one is not exactly possible for me because I don’t watch much TV. What I do watch isn’t on the TV, it is on the computer, and the only show I watch with any regularity at all is Glee, which is disgustingly popular.  Which, I think by definition, makes it “cool.”  However, I do engage in some video watching that I’m a bit embarrassed to admit to.  I love, oh how I love, watching movie previews & trailers.   I always watch all of them before a movie, and I get upset if I have to miss them.  I also go to a few times a month and watch every trailer I can find.  New movies.  Old movies.  Indie flicks.  Kid movies.  Foreign films.  If it has a preview, I want to watch it.

I’m not sure why, exactly.  Perhaps it is because I love movies a lot in theory but often don’t want to pay for them, so I watch the mini-version.  Perhaps it is because trailers always have the gut-factor – explosions, point-blank gun threats, smoldering glances, passionate kisses, adorable kids – all those things that are meant to lure you in to see the film.  I take it like a hit: bring on the next adrenaline-pumping 2.3 minutes!  Sometimes, I even go back and watch the same one several times.  Maybe I just like the tiny escape from reality.  I don’t know, really, but I do know I love doing it.

Stay tuned: day 2 is to “act a fool.”  Oh the possibilities.

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