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Shameless Day 2: Look a fool.

August 4, 2011

Day 2 of 30 Days of Shamelessness encourages me to “Look a fool.” This goes to show how much I was not paying attention.  I’ve been putting this off for days thinking I had to act a fool.  Not that I am averse to doing such a thing, but the opportunity hasn’t really presented itself.  Though it might be my definition.  After all I’m a stay-at-home mother of a not-quite-one-year-old child. I think I might act foolish with regularity but it isn’t special; it’s normal life.  Then I saw the post of my cousin, also doing this exercise, and thought “oh!  I can just look a fool!”  So easy – so done.

I have never really minded looking a fool for a laugh or entertainment, even if the only person entertained is myself. I think WAY too many people take themselves too seriously in the looks department.  I do think there are times when it is appropriate or desirable to look your best, either to communicate respect (such as graduation) or importance (such as a job interview) or perhaps to be alluring to your preferred amour.  I also do not see anything wrong with wanting to look nice in a general way.  I appreciate flowers blooming and cute puppies as much as the next girl, and so a human that has a desire to present her/himself as an entity pleasing to the eye is understandable to me, to be sure.

Yet I find too many people that hang their perception of themselves on how they appear to other people.  Or at least how they think they appear to other people.  They don’t want to be seen as lazy, fat, unkempt, awkward, foolish, uninformed, or just plain out-of-it (there are so many things you can substitute for “it” there; choose your favorite).  I can vividly remember how when I was a kid my mom wouldn’t want the car windows down on a nice day because it would “mess up” her hair.  Even if we were just going to the grocery store or her sister’s house. Then I thought she was just a killjoy.  Now I think how sad it is to deny yourself (and the rest of your family) the pleasure of a cool breeze in your hair and on your face just to preserve a hairdo.  It’s not like there was someone in the deli who was going to say “whoa lady! What is up with that rat’s nest?”

But we are always our own worst critic, are we not?  Better to embrace all our pieces – our beautiful and brilliant, our dingy and dumb, our creative and curious, our inane and unintelligible.  Today I shamelessly claim my “foolish” bits, acts, thoughts and notions and hope you will, too.

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