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Living shamelessly: day 3 (all about food).

August 5, 2011

The prompt for today’s shamelessness is so easy for me that it is downright absurd.  The charge?  Eat. Whatever you feel like eating.  This is practically my life motto.  I have a profound interest in cooking and have thankfully been blessed with some talent in that department.  I also have a most epicurean and gastronomic nature, of which I am sometimes-proud-sometimes-dismayed. I love to eat. I am sometimes frustrated with this because it makes me be a size, eh, hmiphfmyba instead of a cute and sleek smaller size.  This frustration is especially acute when I have to wear a swimming suit. But most of the time I am proud of my ability to cook, and I revel in joy that good food brings me.  As a small example, take a look at some of the many foods I have made over the past few years:

Quiches, fried egg sandwiches, strawberry french toast, chocolate cake (in several iterations), enchiladas, ratatouille tart, doughnuts, quinoa latkes, summer rosti, pot pie, cinnamon rolls, paella, bacon and goat cheese pizza, olive bread, lasagna (with homemade freakin’ noodles), cocoa peanut butter and loads of other stuff.  When I think of something I want to eat I make it.  Sometimes we don’t have dinner until 9:00 pm, or breakfast until noon because I was motivated to make something complicated and time consuming.  And then eat it with true pleasure.

I am so not into self deprivation.  I use butter, and cream, sugar and flour.  I eat cheese, drink wine, love bread, sausage and bacon. I also love fresh fruit and a good salad — it isn’t all about the fattening and intensely caloric.  It is about treating my body well and using my creativity to create something that nourishes me mind, body and soul.  I absolutely reject the notion that I should feed my body crap low-carb bread and fat-free milk and sugar-free yogurt and all this other nonsense non-food to achieve some artificial ideal of size and beauty. Food is good.  Food is essential to our well being.  Food carries meaning, culture, history.  Food brings people together, creates and brings back memories, and carries tradition. I honestly consider myself to be fortunate to be able to feed myself and my friends and family such tasty food.  So, as far as eating shamelessly goes, I have and always will rock it in that department.

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  1. August 7, 2011 12:38 pm

    Zomg ::drools::
    My cooking skills top off at the ability to boil water.
    In related news: I will be over in an hour. ❤


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